This is a call to those who reject false choices and instead say, “yes, and.” To the optimists, fence menders and kindness beacons…you inspire us. Let’s stand as one and NOT choose sides.
Let’s come together in harmony with one another and nature.
Unite & Ignite!


Why should you sacrifice veggie deliciousness or protein power when you can experience the best of both? Try our whole earth snacks for balanced nutrition, texture and taste. High in protein and low in sugar, so the only choice you have is which bold flavor to bite into first.

Whole Earth
An Explosion of Flavor Mixing pork, lush pineapple and the sweet heat of sriracha with crunchy nuts and seeds for an explosive and delicious flavor.
Pork Pineapple Sriracha
Whole Earth Bites
Brilliantly Balanced Blending grass-fed beef, succulent blueberries and rich cacao with crunchy nuts and seeds in one incredible, balanced bite.
Beef Blueberry Cacao
Whole Earth Bites
Unexpected Taste Combining grass-fed beef, zesty curry and mouthwatering mango with crunchy nuts and seeds for a new take on South African taste.
Biltong Mango Curry
Whole Earth Bites
Party in Your Mouth Savory pork and sweet heat from apricots and spices come together with crunchy nuts and seeds for the perfect party favor.
Sweet & Hot Pork
Whole Earth Bar
Instant Classic Succulent duck, savory spice and sweet mandarin orange meet crunchy nuts and seeds for a modern take on this classic recipe.
Duck L’Orange
Whole Earth Bar
Feast On Flavor Grass-fed beef, vibrant cranberries and a touch of smoky spice pair with crunchy nuts and seeds for a complex and delicious flavor.
Beef Cranberry
Whole Earth Bar


A combination of nurturing wholesome ingredients from regenerative and biodynamic farms ensures our snacks are enriched for a healthier, improved you, and our beloved planet. As part of the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program, we’re committed to regenerating our land for forever generations.

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