Uniquely modern charcuterie snacks that bring together whole food plant and animal ingredients, inspired tastes and a connection to where food comes from.



  • Pepperoni Crisps
    Pepperoni Crisps
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  • Chorizo Crisps
    Chorizo Crisps
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  • Peppered Genoa Crisps
    Peppered Genoa Crisps
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  • Hot Chorizo Crisps
    Hot Chorizo Crisps
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  • Tuscan Salami Crisps
    Tuscan Salami Crisps
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Limited Release Salami

  • Black Truffle Salami
    Black Truffle Salami
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Distinctly Crisp, full of flavor and good for the planet. Sign me up!

The perfect complement to your Charucterie Board

Delightfully crisp and full of flavor...our snacks are the perfect complement to a charcuterie board or a savory craving, and best when shared with those you love.

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Charcuterie Reimagined

My New Favorite Snack!

Holy cow these things are DA Bomb! So good they make me forget it's not the 90's anymore! I use them in place of a chip for dipping in guac or queso, works and tastes great with none of the carbs. My baby even eats them. Plus, regenerative farming?! They taste great and are good for the planet!

Serenity A.
Holy Addiction!

Whoa. I was not prepared for the obsession these incredible crisps caused. The bag didn't last a day in my house! These are too delicious!

Frederick R.
My new fave!

These crisps are SO delicious! My favorite part about a pepperoni pizza is the pepperonis that get deliciously crispy in the oven. These are literally those in a bag. I am obsessed!

Kaitlin F.
Great Taste, Great Texture!

These reminded me of Pepperoni that get a little burnt /crisp on the pizza which I love. A winner!

Dylan C.
Perfect for Charcuterie Boards!

These are delicious, healthy and the perfect zero carb addition to a charcuterie board!

Cathy B.
Regeneration for Generations

We are committed to sourcing and building out our supply chains to support regenerative ranchers and farmers who are healing our soils, addressing climate change and providing better food for generations to come. We are also a Frontier Founder of The Savory Institute's Land to Market program and we donate 1% of our sales to regenerate grasslands globally.

Our Mission

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