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In partnership with regenerative farms across the United States, our limited release salamis are certified regenerative by The Savory Institute's Land to Market program.


Limited Release Salami

  • Black Truffle Salami
    Black Truffle Salami
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Sweet & savory, regeneratively sourced and good for the planet. Sign me up!

Real Food for the win!

Our Limited Release Salami's are the perfect addition to any charcuterie board. Made from heritage breed pigs raised in ecosystems that support biodiversity and sequester carbon, our salami's are full of flavor from farms full of life! Unite & Ignite!

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Unite & Ignite!

Wow. These are incredible!

I've been looking for a savory bar that tastes great forever...and I finally found one!

John P.
The cleanest label!

These are delicious and healthy -- and all of the protein comes from real food!

Candace B.
Savory & Sweet Treat

I was turned on to these by a friend and I'm so glad. They taste amazing and fill me up!

Peter L.
A real flavor Bomb!

These are unlike anything I've had before! Multiple flavors, multiple textures -- get them now!

Heather H.
Regenerative done right!

Great taste, great sourcing -- what's not to like?!

Thomas J.
Finally A Savory bar worth eating!

It's so hard to find a savory bar that get's it right and this is the one!

Alan T.
Regeneration for generations

We are committed to sourcing and building out our supply chains to support regenerative ranchers and farmers who are healing our soils, addressing climate change and providing better food for generations to come. We are also a Frontier Founder of The Savory Institute's Land to Market program and we donate 1% of our sales to regenerate grasslands globally.

Our Mission

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