At Union, we’re all about bringing things together. Good things. Plants + Animals + People + Planet. By sourcing regenerative ingredients we are doing just that, while healing our soil, addressing climate change, and providing better food for generations to come.


What is regenerative agriculture?

Manage Grazing Patterns

Tightly packed herds graze in a small area, aerating and enriching the soil to increase water retention and encourage plant regrowth.

Sequester Carbon in Soil

Managing grazing patterns stimulates grass regrowth, replenishes root systems and enables carbon to be stored deep underground.

Increase Organic Matter

Increasing organic matter in the soil allows rainwater to seep in and provides nutrients for the plants to flourish.

Increase Nutrient Density

Healthy grasslands increase the nutrient density of the food we eat and support more cattle to perpetuate the entire cycle.
Who it benefits

By taking a holistic, regenerative approach to farming and raising animals, amazing things can happen. Plants get more varied and resilient, wild and domestic animals are more plentiful, soil is higher in microbiota and food is more nutritious for all. Better for you, better for the animals, better for the planet.


We are working diligently towards building an entirely regenerative supply chain. While the available supply of all our ingredients doesn’t exist today, by increasing awareness and demand, we are working towards increasing supply and bringing better food to you. By supporting UNION, you are supporting the earth.


As a Frontier Founder of the Savory Institute’s Land to Market program, we are bringing the world’s first verified regenerative ingredients direct to you. Together we can support farmers doing right by the planet with products that are better for us all.


  • Pepperoni Crisps
    Pepperoni Crisps
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  • Chorizo Crisps
    Chorizo Crisps
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  • Peppered Genoa Crisps
    Peppered Genoa Crisps
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  • Charcuterie Crisps - Variety Pack
    Charcuterie Crisps - Variety Pack
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  • Sweet & Hot Pork
    Sweet & Hot Pork
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  • Beef Cranberry
    Beef Cranberry
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  • Duck L'Orange
    Duck L'Orange
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